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A gametype is a set of game rules that makes for a unique gameplay. Warfork has 13 gametypes by default. The full list of gametypes can be seen on the main page. Gametypes can be changed by typing g_gametype <gametype> into the console.

Custom gametype installation

Custom gametypes can be installed by putting the specific gametype files in Gametype files come with 3 different file extensions: .as (scripts), .gt (list of script files to load) and optional .gtd (gametype description). All gametypes are coded in AngelScript language, which is a scripting language used in Warfork and is similar to C.

Additional information

  • Stock gametypes aren't available in progs/gametypes folder. They're located in file, which is a zip archive and thus can be opened with most file archiving software.
  • Stock gametypes take priority while the game is loading. This means if a player puts a gametype for example called Duel in progs/gametypes, the game will not load the custom gametype and will load the stock one located in data0_21pure.pk3 instead.
  • If a player wants to modify a stock gametype, they have to change the name of it to prevent the game from loading the stock one. Do not modify the data0_21pure.pk3 file!
  • Gametypes are commonly called gamemodes.
  • Most stock gametypes use GPL v2 license.

Official gametypes

Bomb and DefuseCapture the FlagCapture the Flag: TacticsClan ArenaDuelExhaustionRektTeam Deathmatch
Non team-based
DeathmatchDuel ArenaFree for AllHeadhuntRace