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What is Warfork?

Warfork is... a standalone game for Windows, Linux, and Mac under General Public License. an eSports oriented FPS. a game focused on speed, trickjumps, art of movement. a title that uses cell-shaded graphics to fuse themes including cyberpunk, industrial, and sci-fi. a homage to games including QuakeWorld, Jet Set/gring Radio, and other previously mentioned titles. the Art of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web...


Warfork will... always be open source. always have public development. always have a direct connection to the community. always be by gamers, for gamers. always be indie in spirit: homebrew games for the win.

What Sets Warfork Apart From Other Games in the Genre

The focus on movement as a skill with various possibilities of gaining speed and moving throughout levels. A "special-key" - you are able to perform unique trickjumps with this key, such as walljumping and/or dodging. Visual aspect and visibility on the same level of importance. For example, finding visual solutions to problems with both the most eye candy directed settings and the most performance directed one at the same level of ease. Ethics and educational matters such promotion of Respect & Sportsmanship, as well as promotion of self-moderation.


Warfork is based on QFusion which is an enhanced version of the original Quake II engine.