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Important links:
Editing guidelines
Wiki rules

Where can I download Warfork from?

For Desktop OSes: Warfork can be downloaded from Steam.
For Linux servers: Warfork can be downloaded via SteamCMD (AppID 671610 (requires logging in) / 1136510 (no login required)).

Where can I report bugs / issues?

Any bugs, issues or problems related to Warfork can be reported on our Discord.

Where do I find my configuration file, demos, screenshots and more?

Operating System Path
Windows %USERPROFILE%/My Documents/My Games/Warfork 2.1/basewf/
Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Warfork-2.1/basewf/
Linux ~/.local/share/warfork-2.1/basewf/

How can I host a server? / My server isn't appearing on the server browser! What do I do?

Follow this guide.

How do I put colors in my player name?

Colors in-game
Color Codes
Code Color
^0 Black
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Cyan
^6 Purple
^7 White
^8 Orange
^9 Gray