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HUD (Heads up Display) displays information about player status, ammo count and other important information during the game. Warfork features 4 HUDs by default: adem, classic, default, spectator.

Default HUD

Hud default.jpg
1 - Health and Armor bars
2 - Weapons and ammo count
3 - Speed meter
4 - Current weapon and its ammo
5 - Teammates and their health/armor
6 - Pressed keys
7 - FPS counter
8 - Help message
9 - Score and match timer
10 - Minimap (Certain gametypes only)
11 - Team locations
12 - Teammate's status (health, armor)

Other HUDs

Below are screenshots of the remaining 3 HUDs available in-game.

Hud adem.jpg Hud classic.jpg Hud spec.jpg
Adem HUD
Classic HUD
Spec HUD


  • Some parts of HUDs are togglable.
  • Players can manage HUDs in Options -> Player -> HUD.
  • Some servers may have custom HUDs. These are downloaded automatically upon joining the server.