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Instagib is a server setting that completely changes the gameplay. Instagib stands for One shot one kill. It can be enabled by typing g_instagib 1 into the console.

Basic rules

  • If Instagib is enabled, then all players get their weapons removed and replaced by Instagun with infinite ammo.
  • Each hit results in instant death.
  • Health and Armor don't matter in Instagib.
  • Game type rules are identical
  • Players always start with 100 HP and 0 AP


Instashield is a special shield that can only be enabled in Instagib mode either by voting or by typing g_instashield 1 into the console.
If Instashield is fully charged, a player can crouch to activate it. Instashield makes a player invulnerable for 2 seconds, after which the Instashield has to recharge before a player can use it again. Instashield can only be used if it's fully charged. Instashield takes 5 seconds to recharge.

Using Instajump to gain insane amount of speed on bipbeta2, a community-made map


Instajump lets players jump by shooting under themselves. It won't hurt them because Instagun doesn't deal splash damage. It can be enabled either by voting or by typing g_instajump 1 into the console.
Players mostly use Instajump to gain speed quickly. Some community-made maps feature special jump ramps that let players gain insanely high speed by shooting a wall at a right time.

Tips and notes

  • It's best to keep moving at all times. Stationary players are easy to kill.
  • The Instagun's logo in the bottom right (Default HUD) shows the charge level of the Instagun: Instagun 0.png Instagun 1.png Instagun 2.png Instagun.png.