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This guide contains a minimal amount of information needed to install the server correctly. Visit Console Commands for detailed configuration. Details on how to manage a server can be found here.


This guide assumes you are running Ubuntu 20.04 (the latest Ubuntu LTS at the time of writing).

Installing Dependencies

The following commands can be pasted into your terminal to ensure the minimum dependencies are installed:

# Update package cache
sudo apt update

# Install dependencies (this is likely more than is necessary)
sudo apt install -y --no-install-recommends \
    lib32gcc1 \
    lib32stdc++6 \
    wget \
    ca-certificates \
    rsync \
    unzip \
    tmux \
    jq \
    bc \
    binutils \
    ca-certificates \
    util-linux \
    python \
    curl \
    wget \
    file \
    tar \
    bzip2 \
    gzip \
    unzip \
    bsdmainutils \
    libcurl4 \
    libcurl3-gnutls \

Creating the installation directories

The following commands can be pasted into your terminal to create the directories/links that will be used to store SteamCMD and Warfork:

# Make sure ~/.local/share/ exists
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/

# Symlink the eventual installation directory to ~/.local/share/warfork-2.1
ln -s ~/server/ ~/.local/share/warfork-2.1

# Create directory for SteamCMD install
mkdir ~/Steam

# Create directory for Warfork install
mkdir ~/server

Installing SteamCMD

# Change directory into the directory in which you'll install SteamCMD
cd ~/Steam

# Download SteamCMD installer
wget -qO- | tar zxf -

# Install SteamCMD
~/Steam/ +quit

Installing Warfork

# Install Warfork
~/Steam/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ~/server +app_update 1136510 validate +quit

Configuring the server

At this point, you'll want to follow the Configuration section from the Hosting Game Servers page. Visit Console Commands for detailed configuration.

Once configured, you can proceed with the next sections:

Starting the server

# Run Warfork

Updating the server

# To update Warfork:
~/Steam/ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ~/server +app_update 1136510 +quit

Installation demo