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Vsays (Voice commands) are short voice lines that play on the server globally for everyone upon executing vsay <name> or for the team - vsay_team <name> in the Console.
Warfork has 34 Vsays. They can be found in \fvi\Warfork.app\Contents\Resources\basewf\sounds\vsay. All Vsays have a .ogg file format.

List of Vsays

Name Vsay Name Vsay Name Vsay Name Vsay
Affirmative Defend A Need help Oops
Area secured Defend B Need offense Roger
Armor free Good game Need weapon Shut up
Attack Go to powerup Negative Sorry
Attack A Go to quad No Thanks
Attack B Need armor No problem Yeehaa
Boomstick Need backup Ok Yes
Booo Need defense On defense
Defend Need health On offense

Vsay icons

Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon
Affirmative Yes.png Booo Booo.png Need armor Needarmor.png Need offense Needoffense.png Ok Ok.png Shut up Shutup.png
Area secured Areasecured.png Defend Defend.png Need backup Needbackup.png Need weapon Needweapon.png On defense Ondefense.png Sorry Sorry.png
Armor free Armorfree.png Good game Goodgame.png Need defense Needdefense.png Negative No.png On offense Onoffense.png Thanks Thanks.png
Attack Attack.png Go to powerup Gotopowerup.png Need health Needhealth.png No No.png Oops Oops.png Yeehaa Yeehaa.png
Boomstick Boomstick.png Go to quad Gotoquad.png Need help Needhelp.png No problem Noproblem.png Roger Roger.png Yes Yes.png