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Amphi is an aim training map where you spawn with 200hp, 150ap, and most weapons (Gunblade, Shotgun, Grenades, Rockets, Plasma, Lightning Gun)

You can spawn in one of four positions around the map. One on the centre platform, and three on raised platforms at the side of the map. There is damaging liquid surrounding the centre platform.

The aim is simple, get more frags than your opponent (or opponents if played in DM). This map is great for training your LG and rocket aim.

Tip: Don't jump off the platform when you spawn, you're likely to get pinned by LG in the air if you do, taking more damage than the small hit from the liquid.

The regular setup for duel doesn't apply in Amphi. Mostly it's played to a 3 minute time limit with a sudden death overtime. Close players can easily go frag for frag on this map meaning it could go on forever with longer overtimes, and 3 minute games are long enough as there's no break on the small and entirely open map.


Wfamphi1 1.jpg Wfamphi1 2.jpg
Wfamphi1 3.jpg Wfamphi1 4.jpg

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