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Powerups are special pickupable items that temporarily increase one of the player's stats. Powerups spawn every 90 seconds after being picked up (although that depends on the gametype settings), and when 30 seconds pass from the start of the game (Powerups don't spawn instantly). Each powerup lasts 31 seconds from the moment of picking it up. Warfork has 3 different powerup items.

Quad Damage

Quad damage icon

Quad Damage multiplies the damage a player deals by 4 times. When active, it also gives the player a thick glowing yellow outline.


  • Quad Damage powerup is extremely powerful. A player that has picked it up can one-hit kill almost any enemy. It's recommended to try to take the player with Quad Damage powerup out by using long-range weapons like Electro.pngElectrobolt.
  • Damage multiplier applies to all players, including the player who has the active powerup. This means a player can easily kill himself if self damage is enabled.


WarShell icon

WarShell powerup is similar to Quad Damage powerup, with the difference that WarShell decreases the damage a player takes by 4 times. When active, it also gives the player a thick glowing blue outline.


  • WarShell powerup, similarly to Quad Damage, is powerful if a player is stocked up on health and armor. It greatly increases the player's chances of survival.
  • Damage reduction, similarly to Quad Damage powerup also applies to the player who has it active. This means if self damage is enabled, a player will only deal 25% of damage to themselves.
  • WarShell combined with Quad Damage powerup makes the player an unstoppable killing machine.


Regeneration icon

Regeneration powerup exists in Warfork only to ensure compatibility with Quake 3 maps. It doesn't appear in any official maps.
Regeneration powerup slowly regenerates the player's health by 1HP per 0.1s up to 200 HP. It deactivates itself after 31 seconds or once the player's health reaches 200. When active, it also gives the player a thick glowing red outline.


  • A player should damage themselves before reaching 200 HP in order to keep the powerup active.
  • Regeneration powerup timer isn't shown on the default HUD. However the player can tell if the powerup is about to deactivate by looking at the outline (see: Notes).
  • Unlike other powerups, Regeneration powerup doesn't drop once the player with it dies, even during the match.


  • Powerups spawn instantly at the start of warmup.
  • Powerups don't drop if a player dies during warmup.
  • Some maps don't have powerups. Some only have one powerup.
  • Powerups can be combined (A player can have multiple powerups active at the same time).
  • The outline will alternate between colors if a player has more than 1 powerup active.
  • The outline starts flashing if there's less than 6 seconds left of the active powerup.
  • A sound is played map-wide once a powerup respawns. This can be useful if a player uses a HUD without powerup respawn timers.


Powerup outlines.gif

Powerup outlines


Quad Damage powerup respawn sound

WarShell powerup respawn sound

Regeneration powerup respawn sound