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Electrobolt (EB) is a long-range hitscan weapon with low rate of fire that shoots a single, damaging beam of energy.


The weapon fires a thin hitscan beam that travels instantly to the target, inflicting 75 damage that could frag unstacked opponents in 2 hits. The beam does not go through players or map surfaces.

It is, by far, the most accurate long-range weapon in the game on par with Lasergun and gamemode-exclusive Instagun. However, it has very slow rate of fire compared to other weapons.


The closest thing Warfork has to a sniper rifle, Electrobolt is primarily a damage-dealing tool that requires practice and precision. Small hitbox and slow fire rate offer very little margin of error. While it could be used at any range due to perfect accuracy, it is best suited for mid to long range.

It might be a good idea to funnel opponent into a certain area so you can have easier time aiming, either by waiting at various bottlenecks in maps or by boxing them in with area-of-effect weapons. Knockback from explosive weapons can also be used to immobilize or launch opponent in predictable trajectory, setting them up for an Electrobolt shot.


Break line-of-sight to avoid getting hit by its beam. Seek alternative routes if you know certain areas are being watched.

Electrobolt is highly dependent on aiming skill. You can disrupt opponent’s aiming by either moving unpredictably, or forcing them to move with Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher or Lasergun.

Due to its amazing speed and damage, Electrobolt may be difficult to challenge. It is however just as punishing if the shooter misses as the weapon has long refire time. Use this lull to close in on opponent or to retreat. Be aware that the shooter can simply swap to other weapons.

Another way to prevent the use of Electrobolt is to stop the opponent from getting the pickup to begin with. The Electrobolt and its ammo are often placed in distinct, far off areas in most maps, making it easier to deny access or steal the items away from the opponent.

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