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Movement is a very important part of playing Warfork. A player with good movement has enormous advantage against other players. It's recommended to know the basics of movement and practice it.

Basics of basics

(See: Controls)
It's recommended to first play the tutorial available in Warfork to get the idea of how the game works.
Most movement videos were recorded on wfca1. It's recommended to practice movement on this map due to it's size.
An important factor in movement is the player's speed. The faster a player moves, the harder it is to hit them. The player's speed is shown on the bottom part of the screen, in the middle and is represented by Units per second (u/s).
Running is the simpliest form of movement. A player can walk with WASD keys. The standard speed of running is 320u/s.
Walking is a form of movement similar to running. A player can walk by holding left Alt key. The standard speed of walking is 160u/s.
Holding the jump key makes a player jump repeatedly without losing any speed. Most of the movement tricks do require the usage of it.


Dashing is a basic movement ability in Warfork. Dashing lets players change direction of movement immidiately. A player can dash by clicking RMB. Dashing is a recommended way of starting movement as it gives the player the most speed (450u/s).


  • Dashing can't be performed while holding down the jump key (see: Video on the right).
  • Dashing works at any speed. This means it's possible to do insane maneuvers while also moving very fast.
  • Dashing can only be performed once per second.
  • A player can hold down the Dash button before landing on the ground.
  • If done properly, dashing doesn't make players lose any speed.


Walljumping is another basic movement ability available in Warfork. Walljumping lets players jump off walls. A player can walljump by clicking RMB before touching the wall. Walljumping combined with Dashing lets players make movement tricks that can surprise enemies.


  • Unlike dashing, walljumping can be performed while holding down the jump key.
  • Walljumping works at any speed.
  • Walljumping can only be performed once per 1.3s.
  • A player can hold down the Dash button before touching the wall.
  • If done properly, walljumping doesn't make players lose any speed.
  • Despite that walljumping and dashing abilities use the same key, their delays are independent. This means you can walljump right after dashing (and viceversa) (see: Video on the right).
  • Being stunned temporarily blocks the ability to walljump


This section requires you to enable strafe HUD, which can be done by typing cg_strafeHUD 1 into the console.
Strafing is one of many ways of gaining speed while moving. Strafing is the recommended way of strafing and is the fastest way to gain speed that excludes the usage of weapons.
Start by dashing forward. Hold spacebar to repeatedly jump, W and A or D (depending on the direction you want to go). If you hold A, move the mouse to the left. The white bar above your crosshair has to be inside the triangle and as close as possible to the bigger side of the left triangle. If done correctly, the triangles will turn green and you will start gaining speed. Keep moving the mouse to the left until you decide to change direction. To change direction, release the A key (keep holding down W and spacebar), hold down the D key and this time start moving your mouse to the right. Just like going to the left, the white bar above the crosshair has to be inside the triangle and as close as possible to the bigger side of the right triangle. If executed correctly, the triangles will turn green again. Alternate between A/D and keep moving your mouse to keep gaining speed.

Air control

To change direction in air, hold down W and spacebar only and move your mouse to the left or right, depending on the direction you want to go (see: Video on the right).


  • Changing direction in air slowly decreases your speed.
  • You can freely look around without changing movement direction if you don't hold any directional keys.


  • StrafeHUD will only appear if your speed exceeds 450u/s.


Bunnyhopping is drastically slower than strafing.
Bunnyhopping is an alternate, simplier version of strafing. It's similar to strafing, but doesn't require holding down W. It's often used by new players who came from Source games.
Start by dashing forward. Hold spacebar and A or D, while moving the mouse in that direction. The faster you move the mouse, the more speed you will gain. However moving the mouse too fast will result in losing speed. Alternate between A/D and keep moving your mouse to keep gaining speed.


Plasmaclimbing with ale_racemod HUD on bipbeta2

Plasmaclimbing is a climbing technique involving the Plasma.png Plasmagun (PG). It's mostly used in Race game type on specific maps, however it can be executed on any game type as long as the player has the Plasma Gun equipped.
To climb a straight wall using PG, first position yourself right next to the wall you want to climb. Aim at the wall at 90° angle, and then aim 71° down. The race HUD (cg_clientHUD ale_racemod (race exclusive)) can greatly help with this. Once positioned, jump, hold W and keep shooting at the wall. To move left / right, hold the A/D key depending on which direction you want to go and move your mouse the opposite way. Make sure to keep the 71° angle. Plasmaclimbing can be freely practiced on a race server with a map that uses the PG.


  • Plasmaclimbing is usually used in Race game type.
  • Plasmaclimbing isn't practical on game types where players take damage from their own weapons.

Weapon walljumping

Weapon walljumping is a technique that involves shooting at walls with Gunblade blast.pngGun Blade, Rocket.pngRocket Launcher or Instagun.pngInstagun. It gives players a substantial speed boost.
A player needs to get close to a wall, and then shoot slightly behind himself.


  • Weapon walljumping can be used to quickly escape from a fight
  • Weapon walljumping is the only practical way to gain insanely high speeds (over 3000u/s)
  • A player needs to be careful not to kill themselves while performing weapon walljumping on game types with self damage enabled
Weapon jumping with RL on aow-fragland_b7-1

Weapon jumping

Weapon jumping is very similar to weapon walljumping. The only difference is players shoot at the ground instead of the walls. Shooting at the ground gives players less speed, however it lets players jump into the air. The amount of height players receive depends on the angle. Just like weapon walljumping, weapon jumping works with Gunblade blast.pngGun Blade, Rocket.pngRocket Launcher, Instagun.pngInstagun, and also works with Grenade.pngGrenade Launcher.


  • Weapon jumping isn't as efficient as weapon walljumping
  • Weapon jumping doesn't work well with GB, IG or GL
  • A player needs to be careful not to kill themselves while performing weapon jumping on gametypes with self damage enabled


The Grenade Launcher can also be used for weapon jumping, with the right timing and grenade positioning. It's better used in conjunction with the Rocket Launcher or Gunblade for a bigger jump, as it's difficult to get as consistent distance or height on its own. To perform a GL jump, a player needs to shoot a grenade under himself and additionally shoot a rocket or a Gunblade's blast right when the grenade explodes.

Practicing movement

Using all movement tricks on Infinirace

The easiest way to practice movement is to simply keep playing the game. However there are certain maps / game types that can greatly help.
Infinirace is a good game type for practicing movement. The map for it is called infinifinal. Infinirace generates a new race map each time a player finishes a course, so the player can practice the movement in various scenarios.
Infinirace servers are visible in Race tab, in server browser.