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Rocket Launcher (RL) is a weapon that fires a projectile in straight line, which explode on contact with a surface or a player.


The weapon fires a single explosive projectile that travels in a straight line at xx speed, with medium rate of fire. The projectile explodes on contact with a surface or a player, and has a considerable blast radius.


The weapon is best suited for fighting over medium range, as the projectile itself can easily be avoided while it travels over long distance, and cause splash damage that can harm the user at close range. More often than not, the weapon is usually aimed at surfaces close to the opponent, especially when attacking from higher elevation.

It can be used to discourage opponent’s approach from certain area by spamming it at entryway, small space or directly over an item.

Because the Rocket Launcher is a projectile weapon and not hitscan, it should be aimed by leading the target at where it is going to be, not directly. If you can predict where the opponent is heading, it can be fired early even without line-of-sight to hit the opponent.

With some practice, the Rocket Launcher can be used to launch opponents with its knockback to immobilize them, setting them up for follow-up weapon hits from itself, Lasergun or Electrobolt.

While ill-advised due to self-damage and its low rate-of-fire, the Rocket Launcher can be used in emergency at close quarter, relying on splash damage to hurt the opponent that might be too fast to track. Make sure that you are sufficiently stacked on health and armor before doing so.

The explosion can be used to perform Rocketjump to propel oneself upward. It can also be used in Rocketboosting, firing point-blank at nearby surfaces as you are running or jumping to get a speed boost. Both are frequently used in game types such as CA without self-damage.


The Rocket Launcher projectile can easily be avoided when the projectile is forced to travel long distance, or in open areas where there is no map surface to abuse splash damage with.

It can be beneficial to force an engagement against the RL user from above them, preferably in places where ceiling is high enough to avoid the blast while using floor terrain as cover.

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