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Grenade Launcher (GL) is a weapon that fires projectile with delayed explosion in an arc.


Grenade Launcher fires an explosive projectile that explode after xx time and cause splash damage, with slow fire rate. Its projectile has mediocre travel time, obeys gravity and can bounce several times off map surfaces such as the floor or walls.

If the projectile hits a player directly, it will explode immediately causing xx damage.

The projectile is affected by jumppad, propelling it in the angle and speed set by the pad.


The weapon is useful at spamming entryways, small areas or over the items to discourage opponent from approaching with the threat from delayed fuse and blast radius. It can also be used to tag opponents behind cover, either by lobbing grenades above the cover or by bouncing the grenades around them.

The projectile’s firing arc makes Grenade Launcher one of the best weapons for damaging opponents on higher floor elevation.

Because the Grenade Launcher is a projectile weapon and not hitscan, it requires the user to lead the target when they aim. On the plus side, it can be fired early even without line-of-sight to hit the opponent just as they appear if the player knows where the target is heading.

With some practice, Grenade Launcher can be used to launch opponents with its knockback to immobilize them, setting them up for follow-up weapon combo such as Rocket Launcher, Lasergun or Electrobolt.

The grenade can be fired towards jumppad, either to catch opponents in midair, or to clear the landing before using the jumppad.

The explosion can be used to perform grenadejumps, this however requires precision due to bouncy projectile and explosion delay.

Despite its difficult to use trajectory, Grenade Launcher direct hit is still possible.


Grenade Launcher shares the same general weakness with all other projectile weapons: flight speed. Its inherit weakness is made worse by grenade’s delayed fuse. At mid to close range, it is possible to just ignore the grenade and quickly rush the opponent or make an escape with Warfork’s movement techniques that build speed like dash > strafejump. This should force them to switch to other weapons or risk taking self-damage.

If the opponent tries to trap you by spamming this weapon in small space, you can jump > walljump to get over the grenades’ firing arc or its blast radius.

The grenade projectile emits a distinct noise when it bounces the surface. Listen for the cue to learn where to avoid getting hit.

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