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Plasmagun (PG) is an automatic projectile weapon with high rate of fire.


Plasmagun is a projectile weapon with high rate-of-fire, good projectile speed and moderate damage. The projectile fired is perfectly accurate. The damage per individual shot is low when compared to single-shot weapons such as Rocket Launcher, but can quickly racks up damage if all projectile land.


While a good weapon on paper, Plasmagun can be difficult to use effectively due to projectile flight speed, requiring the shooter to constantly lead the target as they fire. One way to ensure hits on the opponent is to use it as a follow-up to knockback-infilcting weapons such as Rocket Launcher, launching the opponent into more predictable trajectory.

The Plasmagun can be used to discourage opponents from closing in or entering certain area through spamming, with its high rate of fire making it more effective at closer range. Although it is less useful in this regard compared to area-of-effect weapons like Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.

Plasmagun is used in Plasmaclimb movement technique, although it can be impractical due to high self-damage it can cause.


As with other projectile weapons, Plasmagun is easier to avoid at extremely long ranges.

Avoid getting pinned in enclosed space, as multiple Plasmagun hits can quickly deal a lot of damage. Staying mobile and breaking line-of-sight are also good evasive options.

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