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Gunblade (GB) is a projectile weapon and by default, the player’s starting weapon in most game modes.


In default settings, Gunblade is a starting weapon that has infinite ammo and low rate of fire. It has 2 attack modes – Normal shot and Melee

Normal shot fires a projectile with mediocre speed and damage. It inflicts knockback and has a blast radius.

If the player is close enough to an opponent when they fire the weapon, the melee animation will automatically play.


Gunblade’s mediocre damage, rate of fire and the need to lead the target when aiming make it a poor weapon, best suited only for emergencies. It is strongly recommended that the player find a new weapon immediately when spawning.

The blast from Gunblade inflicts knockback. This can be used to immobilize opponents before tagging them with another weapon.

While impractical, it is possible to swap to this weapon to finish off weakened opponent without spending ammo for stronger weapons.

Despite all of its drawbacks, Gunblade is very useful when it comes to weaponjump. Use the weapon either for boosting upward or to increase speed by shooting at walls when you’re right next to them


Gunblade has slow projectile speed, making it easy to avoid at mid to long range.

Be aware that the weapon has a blast radius, and can stun you.

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