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Lasergun (LG) is a long-range hitscan weapon that fires a constant beam of energy as long as the player hold down fire button.


The weapon fires a thin continuous laser beam with 850 range and perfect accuracy, dealing 7 damage per tick when the beam comes into contact with opponent. As a hitscan weapon, the beam travels instantly from the shooter to the maximum range. However, it does not penetrates through player model or map surface.

The weapon inflicts knockback. It can gradually pushes opponents backwards as it continues to hit.

The weapon consumes xx ammo per seconds as it fires.


Lasergun is similar to Machinegun and Plasmagun in a sense that it requires the player to constantly tracks the target. One way to ensure that it hits is to use it as a follow-up to knockback-infilcting weapons such as Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher, launching the opponent into more predictable trajectory.

It’s high fire rate makes the weapon useful in stripping armor off opponents rapidly. Its also allows for a fast switch to other weapons, in order to finish off weakened opponent.

Avoid using the Lasergun for spamming and area-denial, as it consumes ammo at fast rate and forces the player to expose themselves as you fire.

Be aware that the laser beam can give away your location.


Break line-of-sight to avoid getting hit by its laser beam.

As the Lasergun is a hitscan weapon with perfect accuracy, you can avoid getting hit by moving unpredictably. You can also use knockback from your weapons to disrupt their aim and make them waste ammo.

Area-of-effect weapons such as Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher are useful at forcing the shooter to move out of the way, therefore worsening their aim or discourage them from shooting entirely.

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