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Riotgun (RG) is a close-range hitscan weapon that fire groups of pellets in conical spread.


Riotgun is a hitscan weapon with slow rate of fire. The weapon fires xx pellets in conical spread. It can do up to xx damage if all pellets connect.

The weapon inflict considerable stun.

Due to its hitscan nature, each pellet travels in straight line instantly from the gun to its individual destination.


This weapon is extremely potent at engaging opponents at point-blank range. Combined with its ability to stagger, it can and should be used to inflict high damage in a short time span, or to finish off weakened opponent in close quarter.

While it can hit opponent over extreme distance, its damage potential will be greatly diminished.


Despite firing pellets in a cone spread, the Riotgun is very much not a spray-and-pray weapon due to its slow firing rate. Utilize unpredictable movement and knockback from weapons to throw off the user’s aim.

Its close-range nature makes the shooter susceptible to opponents moving out of their field-of-view. Some of the ways to achieve this are circle-strafing and jumping over the shooter.

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