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Machinegun (MG) is an automatic hitscan weapon with high rate of fire and low damage.


Machinegun is an automatic weapon with high rate of fire and low damage. Due to its hitscan property, its bullets will travel instantly from the player to the target.

The weapon has a slight spread when firing, losing its accuracy at long range.


The weapon deals low damage per hit, requiring the user to constantly tracks the target and maintain line of sight in order to rack up significant damage. For these reasons, the Machinegun is considered a backup weapon.

Machinegun generates no cue outside of its firing noise and the bullet mark. This makes it useful in hit-and-run attacks on unsuspecting opponent.

One might want to swap for this weapon to finish off weakened opponent without spending ammo for stronger weapons.


The easiest way to avoid Machinegun hits is to break line-of-sight. You can also move in unpredictable way to throw off the shooter’s aim.

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